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Tamás Tesson-Kiss

Tamás Tesson-Kiss graduated at the Contemporary Art and Dance School of Gyor. In 2011 Thomas has joined Budapest Dance Theatre and been a soloist for 7 years. He has performed in many works with Budapest Dance Theatre, including Gloomy l’attitudes (Jiri Pokorny), Doze (Jiri Pokorny), The animal that takes you (Fernando Troya) and many more. He has joined DART Dance Company in 2017 as a dancer, choreographer. He had the opportunity to co-create and dance creations like Nesama, Alpha. 


Tamás has been creating many pieces for more companies and dance programmes, like Revolution, 2019 and Iterations, cooperation with Hanna Winter, 2020, DART SSI creation 2021.


Tamás has been teaching contemporary classes, improvisation, creative work, acrobatics and repertoire since 2014.


He has become the rehearsal director of DART DSP in 2019 and the following year he took over the position of rehearsal directing of DART Dance Company. Thomas became the Artistic director of DART Studios which was established in 2021.


Tamás has been working with renowned choreographers and teachers all over the world like Jiri Pokorny, Fernando Troya, Neel Verdoorn, Elvis Val, Aymeric Mosselmans, Johan King Silverhult, Gentian Doda, Tanja Saban, Gustavo Ramirez Sansano, Clyde Emmanuel Archer, Keren Lurie Pardes.



Awards: Vadady Agnes Award 2010


Tamás and Mateus established nossetssik dance company in 2021 in France, Montpellier.

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